Cars to Single Parents

National Single Parent Resource Center will be sponsoring their own car program. Awarding Cars to Single Parents will receive a 1 year membership when they donate $99 for receiving the, “Gift of Opportunity,” The $99 donation will include 5 weekly classes that must be complete to be recognized for consideration to receive a car.

The “Children Rights Fund,” will be the sponsor of the car program as one of the many projects to be offered, and help single parents with serious financial challenges!

The following are required to apply:

  1. A letter written by a boss, doctors, case worker or religious leader, to explain why they are deserving of a car and membership to the organization.
  2. We will have a committee/panel to assist in determining who are deserving of a car. Letters will be reviewed via email to those on the committee.
  3. Proof of income

This will be a Comprehensive Program that provides an opportunity to support single parents achieve many of their goals. “Children benefit when parents begin feeling better about themselves and have the right tools or programs. Parents will be less confused, anger reduce that is felt by the children,” and can become linked with single parents like themselves.

Single Parents who are completing classes for a car have stated:

Steffanie Draine of West Palm Beach said,

“The classes have helped me to handle my children better.”

Jackie, a patient in St. Mary’s Hospital, said,

“I feel better that there are others to bounce ideas off of.” All parents indicate that it’s nice to know that, YOUR NOT ALONE. Shennata from the class is helping us to find new car places, to increase the efficiency in obtaining cars faster."

If you have any questions or you know someone who has a business as a car mechanic or has a car to donate to the organization please call us at (561) 449-4933.


Now You Can Receive Great Benefits While Supporting NSPRC and the Children Rights Fund

The goal of the fund is to raise money to support single parent families with serious economic challenges, who wish to take advantage of the various educational and support programs now available.

This includes the Training/Tool Kit, “Practical Knowledge for Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood, Save Time, Money, and Frustration,” for dealing with divorce, family court, Best Interest of the Children, and how to be a, “positive role model,” for children in single parent homes.

Individual Coaching to help with your personal situation.

National Single Parents Resource Center
(561) 449-4933